“It’s almost 10 years that I have been travelling around the world visiting wine shops, wine clubs, bars and all types of restaurants. And I am more convinced than ever, that Piedmont wines, so appreciated and recognized worldwide, can still marvel and conquer a different wine drinker than the typical Piedmont wine aficionado. The Piedmont Wine Project lets me experiment, be creative, play and have fun with a whole sea of elements that my land knows how to offer.”


Alberto Cordero di Montezemolo feels the time is ripe for him to endeavor on a creative wine project he has long contemplated. Thanks to his years submersed in the Italian and international wine world he has been lucky to have developed a wide and diverse “wine-network” made up of many ​​friends, winemakers, vintners, agronomists as well as consultants, retailers, restaurateurs, wine collectors and dealers, large producers, agents and others. Though this project is independent from his primary and central work to produce wine of the highest quality from his centuries old family winery located in La Morra, it is clearly interconnected.


Two wines: a white and a red. Two Piedmont D.O.C. wines made of indigenous Piedmont grapes in unique blends that until now have not been offered. Fresh and young wines with strong character that distinguish themselves from the usual Piedmont style enjoyed today.
2 wines that derive from a careful selection of various lots of wine vinified by various small producers around the region. Selected, acquired, aged and blended in a balanced and skillful way to produce wines that are accessible, aromatic, seductive and youthful and offered at a very reasonable price.


After several years of careful thought, the summer of 2013 will see the release of the first vintage of the Piedmont Wine Project – Vinikool which fulfills the need to develop a different way of producing and communicating Piedmont wines. The Piedmont Wine Project – Vinikool gives life to a new and innovative expression of the soul of Piedmont that for centuries has always been strongly rooted in the winemakers and grape growers of this magnificent land.


“I am Piemontese, by birth and by [lexicon/diction]. I feel Piemontese to the core and it is on this land that I want to work to take a step further and magnify that which the hard work of those that came before me knew how to produce. The teachings that have been passed down have a strong Piedmont significance – refine the method, observe carefully the results and understand the process of derivation [origin/origination], seek gratification in simplicity and balance. These characteristics I embrace and see in those who, like me, have brought the name of the Piedmont to the attention of the world.”